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Musicianship in the 21st century

Creative musicians are experiencing a revival in the 21st century. Away from the “reproducer” that many music universities still train as their “main product”, towards an individual, open and independent artist profile.

Pool of Invention offers a variety of lectures and workshops on the most important topics in today's music world.

  • Boundlessness beyond Garrett and Gabalier (in German)

Musical boundlessness and multilingualism as the core competence of musicianship in the 21st century. Download More Information

  • An Intercultural Language Course (in German)

The focus of this workshop is on the idea of ​​musical multilingualism or limitlessness. Download More Information

  • Self management for musicians and everyone around (in German)

This workshop is aimed at young musicians and prospective professionals. It talks about useful tools along the path into the professional music world. Download More Information